Thang D. Bui

I'm looking for PhD/MPhil students and postdoctoral fellows. Please see my research interests below, my publications and read through this page.


I'm a lecturer (equivalent to tenure-track Assistant Professor) in Machine Learning at the School of Computing, Australian National University since July 2022.

Before that, I was a lecturer at the University of Sydney from 2018 to 2022 and spent two years (2019-2020) at Uber AI.

I completed my doctoral training at the Cambridge Machine Learning group, supervised by Richard Turner and advised by Carl Rasmussen.

My current research interests include probabilistic modelling and inference, Monte Carlo and approximate inference methods, distributed, active and continual learning, and model-based reinforcement learning.


  • 2/2024: Paper on grokking accepted to TMLR. Congrats Jack and Charlie!

  • 1/2024: I gave a talk on grokking and probabilistic federated learning at VinAI in Vietnam

  • 11/2023: Jack and Charlie present their work at the USyd ML reading group


Hanna Neumann Building 145, Office 2.22
School of Computing, College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Australian National University, Australia
thang.bui at at at at